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Buy Pix Credits

You can purchase up to 5 credits at at time.  The minimum purchase is 1 video credit. You will use your credits to pay for your video orders.

Videos are ordered separately in the Video Shop using these pre-purchased credits.

How To Order

Select the number of video credits to purchase. Add to Cart, then Checkout.

Your video credits balance is immediately updated following successful payment.

Property Video A

Order this property listing video using your video credits. The minimum order is 1 video but you can order up to 5 of this video style at a time for multiple property listings. There are other property video styles available in the Video Shop and these can be ordered separately.

If you don’t have enough credits they can purchased separately from the shop.  Credits are reflected in your balance immediately following successful payment.

How To Order

Select the number of listing videos you want to order for this property listing video style.  Then provide the unique property listing URL for each video ordered i.e. the property listing URL from your website, from or from

Add to Cart, then Checkout.